This is an example of interactive chronological filtering on Open Context. The filter can be used to limit or expand a selection based on chronology. The y-axis gives an overall count of records that fall in the selected chronology.

Visualization Dashboard

Government agencies increasingly share digital data as part of their commitments to Open Government. While well intended, this information is often shared in formats and ways that are not easily understood by non-specialists, Indigenous peoples and members of the general public. They cannot readily use government data to make informed decisions. To this end, UBC Okanagan and Open Context will develop a visualization dashboard of digital archaeological collections that Indigenous peoples and a general audience can use to better understand archaeological heritage. Visualization dashboards summarize information, and allow navigation of large volumes of data. These tools can implemented and developed for a range of digital archaeological collections. Preliminary research developed a chronology filter, available here: The filter has been implemented into Open Context.

The project is funded by the UBC Okanagan Public Humanities Impact Award.