MINA | Map Indian Archaeology: Opening post-colonial archaeological research in the Indian context through Web-based geovisualisation


In this piece, we offer an overview of MINA | Map Indian Archaeology as a ‘proof-of-concept’ to promote exploration and questions about unknown spatial patterns and relationships in Indian archaeology. We outline how and why we made the platform, which sources we chose, and we discuss challenges and opportunities for further investigation. We created the map platform using the open source library Leaflet and associated libraries. The entire code base for the platform is available on GitHub for examination and re-use. This public nature of the project is crucial as it encourages students and scholars in engaging with Indian archaeology in new ways, which in turn can enhance intellectual interest in and nuanced understandings of digital methods and technologies. MINA is not a definitive authority on Indian archaeology. Rather, it seeks to open intellectual and social space for digital archaeological research in the Indian context.

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