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Opening Geospatial Humanities: Method and Practice


Social science and humanities scholars are at the cusp of dramatic change in the way we carry out our research and communicate that scholarship. The ethos of ‘openness’ and the ethic of collaboration in digital spaces are central in the broader aims of digital and spatial humanities. Digital humanities seek to leverage innovative tools and technologies in the investigation of “old” questions, to develop original questions and resources, and to collaborate with broader communities in innovative ways. The spatial humanities stress the construction of “place” in our understanding of complex human individuals, cultures and societies. In this workshop, we introduce learners to methods and practice in geospatial humanities that can create new forms of scholarship and possibilities for collaboration through geospatial data. We focus on open source geospatial tools, Web-based platforms, and best practices for openly publishing geospatial data, process and results.

University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada